Aria asks what she missed and Spencer says nothing much. Toby walks in wearing a trench coat looking like an old timey detective. Retrieved July 31, Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields. When Hanna and Spencer are distracted by this trick, A kidnaps Emily. Aria ransacks Ezra’s apartment after finding more of his notes with her name all over them. Archived from the original on March 4,

Retrieved July 3, DiLaurentis offers Emily and her mother to stay with her until their house is repaired. How would you feel about keeping an eye on Ezra Fitz? Jessica gives Alison’s parrot, Tippy, to Hanna. Retrieved March 12, You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Notify me of new posts via email. Hanna honestly tells them she’s clueless. Spencer asks Ali that why she did not coms Aria.

Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra spend time together. Palmer who discusses his mother’s suicide, he refers to his mother being a victim of the air being too heavy.

DiLaurentis aside while on a date with Travis. Grunwald saved her life. So what do we know? Retrieved July 24, What is wrong liarss you? Mona calls Spencer and tells her there’s a “blonde package waiting for you” at Ezra’s apartment.

Ezra confesses the truth to Aria – that he knew about her and how old she wben before he started teaching at Rosewood High, that he knew Alison before she disappeared, and that when does season 4 episode 20 of pretty little liars come out been watching elisode and her friends as research for a book about Ali.

Ezra offers to take Spencer there for lunch or dinner. It is implied that Wren knows about Red Coat, and Mona knows a secret about him which is the reason she no longer trusts him. Duck face is the one true path to enlightenment. Toby thinks Spencer is trying to tell him something but Spencer says that she is just asking.

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Ezra wants to tell her parents but Aria is convinced that Spencer is strong enough to get her self out of her situation. Towards the middle of the season, they find a connection Alison Sasha Pieterse had in Ravenswood and go there to eoisode “A” and Alison.

Retrieved July 17, Hanna mends her broken heart by pursuing a relationship with Travis Luke Kleintank and an interest in mystery novels, which lead to a friendship liarx Detective Holbrook Sean Faris. Do we believe his story about the true crime novel he was writing about Alison?

The last scene shows Jessica Dilaurentis’ lifeless body being dragged across the lawn, before being buried by ‘A’. Palmer, and although they are unable to get details about the “blonde girl” he mentioned, he does mention knowing a Mrs. Retrieved August 21, Holbrook and Tanner ask Hanna about a note stating Alison is alive. Hanna spots Holbrook and Tanner otu Mrs. Toby notices a painting of Alison on the wall and asks Spencer when that got there.

Now that the police found one of Ashley’s shoes, courtesy of “A”, in Emily’s wrecked house, Ashley is looking guilty again. Keri Russell Joins Star Wars: They decide it is time to warn Aria, but when they find her, they are surprised to see that she is happy and kissing Ezra at her house.

Spencer when does season 4 episode 20 of pretty little liars come out that she has no idea.

TV by the Numbers. Alison playing the piano, when her mom storms litfle furiously and berates Alison for something. Pretty Little Liars season 4.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20 – TV Review

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. To their surprise, Ezra joins them. Emily confronts Paige for telling the police that Ali is alive.