Completely agree with you about Jae-hee’s intelligence being a bit sub-par. Lee Hyun-Woo does the best aegyo ever! Oh, the things we do to hide the identity of our cross dressing highschool crushes: To sum it up. I agree, loved Ikuta Toma’s over the top Nakatsu and cried that he didn’t get Mizuki I am not sure if he didn’t do some plastic surgery – his nose looks quite different from before.

Sooo close, but foiled by his own perceptions. Among international fans, Amber is by far the favorite. I don’t know if I should watch it or not Hyungs, but not females! And omg of course they would find out how to make s’mores even MORE awesome by using flower shaped graham crackers. I’m actually surprised by how much chemistry he has with Sulli What I wanna know is why on earth besides the last episode, do they not lock their dorm rooms?

Imma either dye his hair pink again and he can spy on me for a while OR we are gonna play naughty student and I will be Strict Teacher.

I am solely intersted in the actor’s skills. I laughed at the paintball scene where the girls at soompi were going nuts over Minho the action heros. Her jealousy knows no bounds. I have to add to Da Hae.

Face it, without Sulli there would be no f x. Kim Ian Supporting Cast. I checked every single one of the posts so far for TTBY. Now if only they can get Leo diCaprio to guest in this show.

In comparison, Sulli’s acting falls flat.

Sorry JB, I can’t help it as a fan of the whole group That would have made me laugh a lot! Now I’m totally obsessed about episode 9. At breakfast, Jae-hee has trouble eating and before Tae-joon can help her, Eun-gyul takes to feeding her.

I’m sure Da Hae would be suspicious as well. They made me smile and it’s distressful, the fun is finally here, and, well, my brain and I are wainting for wednesday and thursday to take a rest watch to the beautiful you eng sub ep 8 a beautiful way: She leans over the railing to see Eun-gyul carry in a birthday cake, smiling. In fact 4 of them have their own drama and the 3 Krystal, Sulli and Victoria are all consider the visuals in the group. Rovi September 11, at 2: I agree about Jaehee.

They come under enemy fire and Jae-hee slips on the stairs. It’s a shame Kim Ji-won is being wasted like this, since she was one of the highlights in HK3.

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Throw her out and the drama will still shine! I mean, I love me some Minho, but that darned Hyun Jae!!! Are they that afraid of having us root or emphasize with anyone but the female lead and the main couple that they feel they have to paint said character in as unflattering a light as possible just so our loyalties don’t wander? Hyun woo has gone from adorable to hawt.

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I look forward to it more than some of the more serious ones. I suppose since Genie High is a Boys school, only boys must be there. You know what would be perfect watch to the beautiful you eng sub ep 8 him?

Watch to the beautiful you eng sub ep 8 obviously found out her dress size and shoe size, which are very feminine. Minho said that he wanted to get close to her before but it seemed that she wasn’t interested lol The drama definitely brought them closer.

Jae-hee is put on cooking duty and Tae-joon joins her, rolling up his sleeves. And nope, I’m not. Victoria is probably the one that is most popular just Give Sulli, Krystal, and Jiyoung the exact same opportunities, they’ll be just as big as Suzy.

Sulli is a decent cryer, I think. Though his breakup with Da-hae still hit me in the heart, it was a nice touch that they part ways at a bus beaitiful, much like their first meeting. Of course it was done by a body double watdh.

I want her to be more interesting and less naive. First time I’m seeing a gif in a recap. Thanks for the recap!!! She’s comfortable with it.

Like it or not, Sulli is face of f x and at one time, its sole moneymaker. No big deal, though, I love both girls. They asked him in a radio show who’s his favorite f x member, and he said that he sjb Sulli because she was cute and he wanted to make her his dongsaeng or something to that effect.

It’s obvious 2 most that his acting is improving and is naturally athletic. And our hero works to make sure that no one watch to the beautiful you eng sub ep 8 will catch on.

Er, are we talking about the same girl? I tou so hard every. He sounded so sweet; I suspect it was his grandma. I think I’m starting to worry my friends over all the drama love I have now, lol. Meta Name That Drama: Eun-gyul contemplates sending a post-punch selca to Da-hae when he notices Hyun-jae packing for the upcoming training camp trip.

Your watch to the beautiful you eng sub ep 8 address will not be published. You could watch Shinee stuff He finds out that Jae-hee will be attending as well and runs into her in the hallway, her stuff in hand.

Oh wait, it’s totally my place to do so.