Designer Erin Fetherston is guest judge. The designers are on pins and needles when they’re affected by a previous double elimination. Precious jewels inspire looks. There are a couple of kooks in the nest. Bradon McDonald’s final design. Shop the Store View All. Sandro Masmanidi’s final design.

Sue Waller’s final design. S 12 E 5 YOU choose your materials! I know that I couldn’t. Didn’t there used to be a show called the Miss America pagent until someone decided to get all political with it? What’s wrong with a jacket that might look good on someone a little older? Add to Watchlist Added.

Project Runway – S12 E4 – Tie the Knot – Video Dailymotion

Hand-sewn eyelets are projecf because they are sturdy, give a polished finish, and can be created with projject that are likely already in your sewing basket. Bradon hand-stitched together a bodice from bowties, and finished the outfit with a boucle jacket and shorts.

Please keep it to fashion, that is what I am watching for. I am glad Sandro went home too. Young, innovative folks inspire the designers. Sandro’s arrogance, chauvinism, and sexist designs were too much and detracted from the other hopeful designers. Views Read Edit View history.

Project Runway Season 12, Episode 4: “Tie the Knot” – Threads

They come ready to reminisce, share emotions, and get to the bottom of the cheating scandal that rocked the season. Start Free Trial Already an Insider? Designer Erin Fetherston is the guest judge.

S 12 E 5 YOU choose your materials! Log in to access the full library. Projectt designers are treated to a private screening of the film Leap! And what is up with the judges? The remaining designers display their athleticism as they compete in field day events for extra work time.

Items from varied retailers inspire lavish fashion collections crafted by the clothiers, who are divided into small teams. I don’t want it shoved down my throat. That dress was well executed, modern, almost demure.

I also did not appreciate the gay hoopla. You always seem to know who’s in trouble by how much time they spend in epusode of the camera. The designers go on a luxury overnight camping trip, with campsite surroundings serving as style inspirations for a challenge.

Project Runway, Season 12

Allison Williams from Girls wattch judges. In this unconventional challenge, skydivers begin to fall from the sky and the designers learn that they must use the colorful parachute materials to create a look that will help define their aesthetic. Sue’s aesthetic is really growing on me!

In all, I like her sensibility so hope she stays a bit although I don’t watch project runway us season 12 episode 4 she’ll make it to the end. Get instant access to hundreds of videos, tutorials, exclusive articles and more.

Could we please focus on fashion, creation of garments, and loose the drama! Precious jewels inspire looks. The designers show their inner youth when their challenge leads them to Coney Island. Get the latest email updates from Lifetime! Featured Inspiration Kenneth D. Helen ux Jeremy should have been in the bottom three. This fun and versatile skirt is a cinch to sew because there’s no pattern to follow. Karen Batts’ final design. I;m not routing for some of the others that constantly complain or cry!

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