Hardcover with dust jacket. It was an amazing read. After thorough, extensive planning, America and Britain successfully launch the D-Day invasion from the shores of Britain to France’s Normandy coast. Although he is usually fair, some personal vendettas are aired, for example against Sir Stafford Cripps , at one time considered by some the “only possible alternative wartime Prime Minister” to Churchill. May 05, Don rated it it was amazing. He could not reveal military secrets, such as the work of the code breakers at Bletchley Park , or the planning of the atomic bomb. It’s not a good read if you really want to understand the details of the war. The build-up to D-Day and the problem of integrating the Free French back into newly liberated France and just dealing with DeGaulle in general is a fascinating topic that’s discussed at length as well as exhaustive accounts of the Quebec, Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam Conferences and how the grand plans for a post-war settlement sort of unravel a bit as the Allies start to bicker over the details.

All Book of the Month Club Selections. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Quotes from The Second World War. Retrieved from ” https: He said several times: Partially, I think it’s because when properly constrained, Churchill can write history that is both compelling and informative.

I read the abridged version put out by Life so that may wjnston it. Apr 16, Robin Logan rated it it was amazing. I the second world war series by winston churchill I knew a good deal about it all, I was sure I should not fail. It’s not worls good read if you really want to understand the details of the war. The Soccer War Previous library review: He was a lion. He also gets a little upset when the Soviets start advancing into places that they weren’t technically supposed to go and you can sense some of his frustration as the Soviets and the Americans sort of set up the post-war world by gently marginalizing the European powers.

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When left to his own devices, however, he can, well, carry on and on and on and on- and that, combined with Churchill’s own admission that the twelve volumes about The Second World War are about giving his own version of what happened to ensure the old phrase, ‘history is written by the victors’ is more or less the case.

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As a result, at times the subject matter varies from grand strategy to minutiae verging almost on the absurd – he seemed to be fond of correcting systematic misspelling in the telegrams and letters of his cabinet and ministers. Churchill writes extremely well, and as a historical record he copiously illustrates every volume serkes original War Cabinet minutes, memos, notes and telegrams to and from Roosevelt, Stalin, de Gaulle, Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery, and many more.

But it’s now in that mental pile the second world war series by winston churchill books, instead of simply languishing on a basement bookshelf. Churchill manages to communicate the enormity of horrendous war on a world scale, theatre by theatre for example, the number of ships and tonnage of shipping sunk is almost unbelievable.

Such criticisms are, obviously if they have any validity the view of historians that have studied the second World War from a rather larger distance in time; whereas the time between the events The second world war series by winston churchill narrates, and when he actually put his thoughts on paper, was only about ten years.

Churchill’s grand plan to invade from the Adriatic with an eye to cutting off Soviet advances in Eastern Europe seems oddly prophetic, but by that point in the war, there were just too many moving parts in the Allied Command Structure and it seems that Churchill was listened to politely and then they went back to the original plan of a landing in Normandy.

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The Second World War Series by Winston S. Churchill

A prolific author, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in for his own historical writings, “for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values. Attlee agreed to allow Churchill’s research assistants access to all documents, provided that no official secrets were revealed, the documents were not used for party political purposes and the typescript was vetted by the Cabinet SecretarySir Norman Brook.

Dec 26, Johan rated it really liked it.

Half of a Yellow Sun Next review: I didn’t see any writing in them. The country of first publication was the United States, preceding publication in the United Kingdom by six months.

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Other books in the series. Condition is overall excellent: The extent to which Churchill’s personal convictions and British worldview are embedded in this history does mean that some readers could find certain parts of the narrative strangely focused on specific aspects of the war while thr overlooking others that seem to be greater in importance by orders of magnitude.

The cover has some staining and dirt. It shows the workings of various woorld and the elaborate negotiations that preceded each move by the British government in the run-up to war.

Beginning with Post-WWI, Churchill noted important events almost forgotten that happened through this period of both the peace and the depression. This is book is interesting to understand qar perspective of the war from one of the 3 leaders of the Allies. Box has some wear as seen in photos.

Churchill Second World War

Self-serving, so untrustworthy, but still absorbing. He gives more attention to Soviet action, but often this seems as though it is only out of a sense of duty given the Eastern Front’s importance – even then, most references are in the context of ensuring Stalin remains committed to the war effort and ensuring that his resistance and, ultimately, the Soviet victories, are sufficiently recognized to ensure that outcome.

The way he rallied the country was genius, wogld his work ethic and determination is inspirational.

Churchill wrote the book, with a team of assistants, using both his own notes and privileged access to official documents while still working as a politician; the text was vetted by the Cabinet Secretary. I kept them for authenticity’s sake, and made no effort to hid Jun 12, Danny rated it it was amazing.

The outlines of the story have long been known—Churchill wrote to put his own spin on the history of the war and give himself and his family financial security, and he wrote with a great deal the second world war series by winston churchill assistance.

The Second World War Series

There was also far more fighting in southeast Asia than I was aware of, especially the British campaigns against the Vy in northeast India and into Burma. Book of the Month Club Edition. The series is as brilliant as Sir Winston was himself. All Book of the Month Club Selections. It’s the first-hand account, from the top.