Reunion Part 1 Episode This weeks episode of the challenge was all about arguments that had you asking yourself “THAT’S what they’re arguing about? Marlon got dominated by Leroy in a physical altercation after calling him out. While Jordan is taking this very seriously, Marlon is having some fun with it. The camera man catches them going into a bedroom and throwing the covers over them. While opinions seemed to be split on who was right in this fight, I believe it is clear that Frank was in the wrong here because Jordan overheard a conversation, called Frank out on it, and then Frank started freaking out. Ty manages to wiggle through but Marlon grabs a hold of him and trips him up.

Jordan overhears this going on and decides to stand up for himself and Marlon. Both teams will have one offensive player and one defensive player. The offensive player who gets past the defensive players and rings the bell first in two out of three heats, wins the elimination. Baskets of Deplorables Episode 9. Reunion Part 1 Episode A mysterious player leaves mean notes in the girls’ room, causing havoc with their game as they all try to figure out the culprit.

The Challenge Rivals S21E08 – Dailymotion Video

As for the guys Leroy and Ty were clearly the worst team sending them to the jungle. You got that right Johnny.

Tony struggles with making a huge game decision. But before you knew it Jordan spun and broke free of Leroy and quickly sprinted towards the bell, he dove and rung it while Ty was still being pinned by Marlon, giving Jordan and Marlon a huge upset. Diem asks Aneesa at the beginning of the show if she wants to race in the pool and who ever has the fastest time wins.

A player is caught stealing and generates a new vendetta.

The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. At this point it is clear that Marlon and Jordan are a strong team and it was just a matter of time before the rookies were sent into the jungle. Next week is a girls elimination week, and barring a major twist we will be down to four teams on each side.

The Challenge: Rivals II › Ep. 7 Crossing Jordan

This is the first time that they have repeated jungles all season. Every time they rifals going the correct way, the player would get shocked. Johnny and Jordan have a talk after Jordan finally gets away from Frank. Johnny tells him basically just to sac up and deal with being a rookie.

Notes on a Scandal Episode 6. Baskets of Deplorables Episode 9. Aneesa knows herself more than anyone, and Parg sure that she wouldn’t be in the house all this time if she didn’t want to win. Natalie balances a budding romance with her desire to prove herself as a strong competitor. Marlon and Jordan get voted into the Jungle to face Ty and Leroy.

The offensive player who gets past the defensive players and rings the partt first in two out of three heats, wins the elimination. At first it seemed pretty innocent, because Johnny was just saying that the girls shouldn’t vote in Preston and Knight because it’s smart to have a bad team left as a precaution, which was pzrt very good point by him.

Notify me of new posts by email. Well you had to think something was up when you saw TJ holding a cute little dog. Finale Part the challenge rivals 2 episode 7 part 1 Episode Devin vows to wage war against his enemy, Bananas.

Part 1 of 2. Jordan egging him on and not backing down to him was worthy of the points.

The Challenge

the challenge rivals 2 episode 7 part 1 This statement by Diem was completely ridiculous. Ty and Jordan are designated as the offensive players while Marlon and Leroy will be smashing on defense. Frank starts on the warpath again when Jordan is having a nice quiet conversation about the topic. For complete rules of how the scoring works, please click this link. Frank kept telling Jordan to check his facts about what was said, but to me it seemed like Frank was the only one who needed his facts checked.

They took up all of the maximum 30 minutes in basically the same spot about five feet from the starting point, something T. Paula said that she has to make the game as easy as possible for herself, and the best way to do that is to vote the way Johnny wants her to. Marlon the challenge rivals 2 episode 7 part 1 chirping at Leroy in the house and outside.

Reunion Part 2 Episode He drives him back, not giving Jordan any room to get by.