Then, Spencer receives the following text message: Mona is appalled and whispers something to Lucas. He also reveals that he volunteers at Radley because his own father was in a psychiatric institution. As Spencer’s car alarm goes off outside, they rush out and all four girls receive a text from a new ‘A’ and see photos taken of them when they were set up at Ali’s grave. Important, but less relevant than the look that he gives Hanna:. Emily tells Hanna about her conversation with Holden. Less Fear, more organization.

At the house Emily is instructed by Spencer to burn her clothes with all the dirt on them. Notify me of new posts via email. Wait, what are you doing!? She wants to know so she can be inside the hospital waiting. Aria visits Meredith after admitting to her dad what she did to the office to frame her, and apologizes. They think that Paige dug up Ali’s grave and may be “A”. It’s time show your dad who she really is. Mona is out of Radley and back at Rosewood High.

My life has been a bit crazy insane-o of late. Spencer has just gotten home from the hospital.

Red Coat is revealed to be a very much alive Alison DiLaurentis. Emily tries to talk to Spencer but Spencer refuses. When she finds Malcolm at a carnival, Aria decides recap pretty little liars season 3 episode 2 is too much for her and tries to break up with Ezra. It aired on June 12th, The store owner says to Red Coat, “So, are you buying this for a team? Affiliate Links Note that any page on this website May contain links to pages where I will receive a commission for providing an opportunity for you to buy something you enjoy like a DVD or a pair of glasses whatever the case may be.

PLL – Season 3 Episode 1 The Girls are Back in Town

They all go to say goodbye, again. Which was immediately dismissed 3 seconds later. How do you know? Jenna had supposedly been at music camp until the first day of school, but the Liars find out the camp actually ended on August Wilden confronts Hanna and demands to know where his car and keys are. I don’t get it. liags

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Who Is on the “A” Team?

Classic frantic teenage unhorizontal maneuver by Toby and Spencer. This will get ugly. Neither is budging, so Garrett leaves her with this cryptic message as the guards take him away. Not the most enthusiastic reca, is it?

Em sees Jenna talking to a woman who turns out to be the photographer, hmmm the same one whose location Lucas was banging on earlier, her litle is Laurel Tuckman. Do we get rid of the necklace? Aria sees Lucas pounding on the door to get into a photography studio and the girls wonder if perhaps he took the photos at the graveyard.

Retrieved March 7, recap pretty little liars season 3 episode 2 Caleb is hoping that they seasno chatting about him, oh typical male egos, so fragile.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3: Hypable’s ultimate guide

Emily finds two pictures of Maya in the daytime with a sign behind her and when she puts them together, it says “The Kahn’s. Later, Eddie shows Spencer a board game that Mona was obsessed with, during her time at Radley.

Retrieved June 27, Jenna says she lied because she was trying to protect someone. Mona yells “he’s dead” before Spencer identifies the body. When Hanna starts volunteering to help Ashley, she finds a piece of Emily clothes seaso she was wearing “that night” Spencer spies on Garrett at the hospital.

WE all know what Paige wants so I think Em should be careful about hanging around with her in dimly lit rooms like at her house. Emily and Nate head up to the Lighthouse Inn. She did that when she was seeing if Aria’s dad was across the street too. Aria finds thousands of dollars in Ezra’s sock drawer while he’s in the bathroom. As she fills up her water bottle, she notices the earring, picks it up, and:. Reynolds out of the house for a reason, a mysterious reason.

Emily tells Hanna about her conversation with Holden. Then again Tobey and Em have been close recap pretty little liars season 3 episode 2 while its natural for her to come to him right? Jenna is not blind and they decide to keep quiet about this so that they can possibly use her secret against her later. Spencer rushes in shortly afterward and spills the beans to Jason about Ali being pregnant with Detective Wilden’s child at the time of her murder.