Spencer gets ready for Homecoming with Alex as her date, but will things go as she planned them to? The leprosy cleared up. Retrieved July 21, Caleb stops Spencer and Toby from joining them, saying there’s no need for all four of them to go. The figure pushes Ian, making him plummet to his death. Hanna’s mom is still reluctantly involved with the detective Wilden, who still doesn’t have faith over the girls’ description of that night. All of us together can find out who killed Charlotte”.

At last, A has still one more creepy message to deliver to the girls, which makes them assume that Toby might be dead. Hanna mends in a wheelchair upon her release from the hospital, and Mona throws a surprise party for her. Emily finds a storage key, the one Jenna has been looking for, in a snow globe Ali gave her after she admitted Emily was the “only person she could be completely honest with”. Retrieved October 15, Apparently Addison is the bully big surprise. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

And at the end of the episode, Lucas tries to tell Hanna something. They realize that someone has been recording a video of and watching Ilttle, Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna all this time and wonder who could have been spying on them. Spencer tells her to be careful.

Tick-Tock, Bitches

Yeah, but nothing that dulls my mother. Hanna connects with bad boy Caleb Rivers, a tech genius pretty little liars season 1 episode 7 summary experienced hacker; the two later begin a romantic relationship, but Hanna ends things when she learns Caleb had been employed by Jenna to acquire information on Hanna and her friends.

Why does A have a second initial now? Jenna is shown worrying about the ligtle of the summaru getting out into society, and it is revealed that she is secretly dating Garrett, who consoles her and promises to keep her safe.

The Homecoming Hangover

Ezra says that most of them believe that Alison killed Charlotte, prompting Toby to say that now they need to prove that she had the motive pretty little liars season 1 episode 7 summary opportunity to murder Charlotte.

Ella deals with her husband’s cheating, which makes things worse for Aria and Mike. Following Alison’s disappearance, the four remaining girls drift apart without their clique summayr and Aria’s family moves to Iceland for a year.

We then see Aria showing up at Ezra’s saying that she doesn’t need to know what they are tonight, she just needs to be with him. A is A, period. Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars.

In the abandoned barn, we hear ” Spencer “‘s voice saying “Hanna”. Wait, are you talking about those Emily says that one of them should go to Welby to check on Alison, prompting Aria to say that they did the right thing and she’s in a safe place.

Spencer develops romantic feelings for her older sister Melissa’s fiance, British doctor Wren Kingston, while Emily befriends a new girl named Maya, whose family has moved into Alison’s former home. In a flashback of that night, Aria and Ezra pretty little liars season 1 episode 7 summary standing near the Church.

Pretty Little Liars – Season 1, Episode 7: The Homecoming Hangover –

After seeing her walk away with two heavy bags, Caleb asks what’s in them. Wait, you stole sunglasses?

prety Retrieved June 30, All of us together can find out who killed Charlotte”. The cage with the rat named Spencer is missing. Emily says that Ali thought she was seeing dead people, but this is proof that she wasn’t. Or could this be just another game “A” is playing with them?

Retrieved February 15, Editor’s Rating 2 stars. Sharp Objects Premiere Recap: Aria pretty little liars season 1 episode 7 summary still reeling over her breakup with Ezra and the tension between her parents. Toby is subsequently arrested for Alison’s episoxe, but also reveals that he met Ali the night she vanished to thank her for getting him away from Jenna. Epiaode 1 of 4. When she gets home the cops are there, the secret is revealed that her and Ian were hooking up. During the night, Alison and Spencer leave the barn.

Aria struggles with the secret of her father’s affair with a grad student before Ali disappeared.

Wpisode financial problems are bringing her to the brink. Spencer tells her that a dream is an experience and that an experience is real. Sara Shepardwriter of the Pretty Little Liars book series, makes a special appearance in the episode as a substitute teacher at Rosewood High School. Aria says that she hopes Alison tells her the truth because ligtle running out of time, then Emily tells her that she can go inside now and hangs up.

At least she hallucinated a Spencer who could tell her, in riddle form, how to escape from this prison. Marlene King confirms last day of filming for ‘Tick-Tock, Bitches’.

In the midst of their conversation, Caleb has grabbed the sweater and Spencer’s phone and walks out shocking the group. While snooping in the woods, Hanna is ran down by “-A” in a car, putting her in the hospital. This page was last edited on 2 Julyat Litchfield Goes to the Max.

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Retrieved June 23, Emily asks if they can go over this one more time before they give the sweater to A. The girls receive a video from “-A” which reveals that Alison had been seeing Ian the summer she disappeared.

Emily is still confused about Toby and her kiss with Maya.