Every now and then, you would hear a story about a good German like Oskar Schindler from history or from a major Jewish American filmmaker. The Flowers of War is based on a true story; the Nanking Massacre, when invading Japanese Imperial Army forces killed an estimated , civilians this is according to the Chinese. There is the smell of burning, but where is the fear that the flames could reach and envelop the church, its buildings and survivors? Retrieved February 2, Then Reload the Page. Ex girlfriends aunt, who carried her mother on her back, running and fleeing from invading Imperial forces.

Historical fiction readers find this book informative. Bale is forthright and emotional in the role, and with a hint of boyish vulnerability, even reminds us of his year-old self in Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun. With astonishing visuals and an impeccable sound design, this compelling war film constitutes, however, an oxymoron of gorgeous ugliness, centered on a most hideous massacre of History whose re-creation needed no stylistic ornaments or artificial revelations. Happy Lunar New Year! Jan 29, DubaiReader rated it liked it Shelves: The boy that the priest has raised then volunteers to go in drag as the 13th girl.

Human nature, love and sacrifice — these are the things that are truly eternal. She has worked on other scripts including a biography of Mei Lanfang, the Peking opera star, for Chinese director Chen Kaige.

Quentin Lee 6 years ago. Read the book, forget the movie. Tge wanted to see how a writer would treat the event, how flowwers would go about constructing a story from the ashes and sorrow it left in its wake.

Character development is superficial. I wished it could have been a little longer; there isn’t much time to get to know the characters, although the connections that they do make between them are still intensely moving.

From The Withered Tree, Flowers of War Bloom

For me, the event is the historical background of the film. I found the writing style strangely detached, but had no idea if this was because it was in translation.

A movie well-worth watching, and which I would like to watch for a second time to re- establish is the film flowers of war a true story moment are intentionally humorous, which moments are unintentionally humorous, and which moments are tragic. The Japanese Imperial Is the film flowers of war a true story overruns China’s capital city, Nanking, in December and carries out the systematic and brutal Nanking massacre.

Dawei Tong as Major Li. Zhang Yimou tne the film’s message. Zhang Yimou finds human revelations in small places and small faces, as seen both through the eyes of a year-old girl, forced wqr age prematurely while she watches the brutality of aggression and conflict from a hole in a stained-glass window, and through the gun sights of the last Chinese soldier in Nanking, who sacrifices his chance to leave for one final act to save his people.

My grandmother came to Hong Kong from Shanghai to avoid the Japanese invasion. It’s also a good in-between book- short and perfect for carrying around, or for long commutes. Can it be true that the Japanese did not do a single act of good or humanity in China during the Second World War?

This is the true story of an American mortician named John Miller, brilliantly played by Christian Bale, who miraculously made his way through the fire, mortar and bombs to reach a Catholic cathedral to prepare a murdered Catholic priest for burial.

There is the smell of burning, but where is the fear that the flames could reach and envelop the church, its buildings and survivors? Miller initially opposes their self-sacrificing decision, but ultimately assists in disguising them, using his skills sory a mortician to adjust their makeup and cut their hair to appear like schoolgirls.

Een prachtige stad, met voor ons veel betekenis, maar ook een stad met een zeer bloederige en heftige geschiedenis. He is just one element in a haunting panorama of a war that illuminated the bleakest corners of despair with unexpected acts of decency and valor, but he fits in majestically with the rest of the massive ensemble. Retrieved January 5, I have never even heard of the Cowboys Vs.

Retrieved January 4, Retrieved August 8, By the time she had reached their age, she was already forced to take her first clients. Not even from the Japanese. Retrieved July 25, Stoory not the greatest translation, I assume, and paired with the narrator, some parts seems like a children’s book right smack in the middle of a horror story.

It is only a short book with widely spaced pages and I learnt about an historical event that I had not been previously aware of, but I was disappointed that there seemed to be less feeling than I would have expected for a catastrophe of this nature. It contributes nothing of value to an is the film flowers of war a true story of these events.

Nevertheless, this is a great story about a period of history which must be remembered.

From The Withered Tree, Flowers of War Bloom | Observer

Not from the West. Was any consideration given to the possibility of a Chinese priest? Fulm, John Miller Balean American mortician on a task to bury the head priest, joins the group of innocent schoolgirls. It can look tremendous, even if Zhao Xiaoding’s hyper-stylised ‘retro cinematography sits uneasily beside relentless bloodshed and sexual violations. Films directed by Zhang Yimou. This is a story that will definitely touch readers. In China, during the second Sino-Japanese war, a mortician, John Christian Bale arrives at a Catholic church in Nanjing to prepare a priest for burial.

Is the film flowers of war a true story arrival he finds himself the lone adult among a group of convent girl students and prostitutes from a nearby brothel. It’s a simply-told and compelling story which carries a lot of ghe weight in its short length. The book went on to illustrate the horror of what is going on outside the church ground, which is lacking in the movie. At the forefront is the priest, Father Engelmann who is entrusted with the school girls lives.