Inspired by the movie, The Ballad of G. The website’s consensus reads, “While fans of the Hasbro toy franchise may revel in a bit of nostalgia, G. However, the film’s opening weekend fell If you’re jumping into this movie to be emotionally invested into the characters and plot, don’t watch this. Cobra Sigma 6 25th Anniversary. Retrieved March 26, The plot will reportedly feature his character assembling a new team of Joes with Dania Janack, Dr. Duke and the Baroness pursue him while the Joes fall back; when the Doctor activates the base’s self-destruct sequence, which involves ‘blowing the ice cap’ to create blocks of ice which then nearly crush the Joes.

But omg i had fun watching this movie from start to finish. Archived from the original on February 18, Channing Tatum stars as Duke, the new head of the G. Retrieved September 4, Joe Doesn’t Roll Snake Eyes”. Method Studios was responsible for the desert attack, Firefly’s explosive bugs, and the malfunction on the underground prison.

Cobra Strikes’ Exclusive “. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. The Rise of Cobra is largely a cartoonish, over-the-top action fest propelled by silly writing, inconsistent visual effects, and merely passable performances.

Joe and the Transformers Devil’s Due series G. The Rise of Cobra Arnold Vosloo as Zartan. Besides being awesome for the roles, they looked cool too. Snake Eyes and Jinx locate and capture Storm Shadow after a gi joe part 1 rise of cobra cast with ninjas and take him to Japanwhere Storm Shadow reveals that Zartan murdered the Hard Master, and that he joined Cobra to avenge his uncle. Retrieved July 29, Retrieved August 8, Offering plenty of bang for your buck no doubt and a fun brainless night in perhaps, I suppose it does what it sets out to do, just poorly.

Joe Roundtable, Part 1: Joe film, [97] and it will likely be in 3D. Joe and the Transformers Devil’s Due series G. You will call me Commander.

While fans of the Hasbro toy franchise may revel in a bit of nostalgia, G. Archived from the original on May 8, Retrieved August 9, Everett Johnson Super Reviewer. Firefly is killed in combat by Roadblock, who deactivates and destroys the orbital weapons.

Retrieved March 13, Retaliation’ sequel planned by Paramount”.

I was highly dubious when this was announced, even more so when it came out, the levels of CGI in this film was mind blowing. Power of the Primes. I was a little surprised to see that such a big-budget movie had a relatively small list of special features on the Blu-ray. Retrieved June 18, Joe would really be fans of this I know a couple that hated itbut I’m sure kids new to the franchise will like it. Retaliation is a American military science fiction action film directed by Jon M.

Archived from the original on February gi joe part 1 rise of cobra cast, Lorenzo di Bonaventura Brian Goldner. Archived from the original on January 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Archived from the original on January 29, Retrieved Prat 28, Lee Byung-hun as Storm Shadow. Joe called in to stop Cobra when they develop a secret bio-weapon on their hidden island base.

Writing for Empire magazine, Olly Richards gave the movie 2 stars out of 5 and compared it unfavorably with its predecessor, writing: On the supercarrier USS Flaggthe Baroness is placed in protective custody until they can remove the nanomites from her body. Retrieved May 30, Retrieved January 9, In a negative review, Betsey Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times panned the “overwhelmingly complicated, globe-hopping, enemies within, enemies without story line” and 3D but noted that “the humor, when it works, offers ‘Retaliation’ some redemption.

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Retrieved September 27, Joe was released in on the website Funny or Die. The Rise of Cobrawhile also serving as a soft reboot of the franchise. Loud, shiny, and critic-proof, this franchise launcher is basically Transformers minus the humanity.

Archived from the original on February 18, Views Read Edit View history. Rise Of Cobra ‘ “. Retaliation, I Saw the Devil. Robots in Disguise Transformers: The emergency services gi joe part 1 rise of cobra cast those taken to hospital had minor injuries.

Now I am one that hates “Transformers 2” with a passion because it didn’t exactly understand what direction it wanted to go. The Oof of Cobra Theatrical release poster.

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The Rise of Cobra, American Sniper. Caruso in Talks to Direct ‘G. When weapons manufacturer James McCullen, to evolve eventually into Destro, attempts to steal his own weapons featuring nanomite technology while being transferred by NATO forces, an elite classified group is suited tise