A true friend and a loyal supporter for our Arnav and Khushi, he added his sweetness to this spicy romance! Failed to send email, try again later. Profile Search PM Buddy. I am a psycho too Faiqa, will miss you terribly here! What does he do? Irritated beyond measure, he slices past them, his head lowered in an angry disappointment. That glare changes into lavish and witty look back at her Lady Love when Naniji and Anjali make a remark about Khushi and NK looking good together.

Nani grabs a perfect opportunity to tighten some screws, Anjali bitiya, she croons, her eyes dancing with joy, Khushi bitiya aur Nanhe, saath mein kitna achhay lagat hai, hai na? Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. Arnav watches, first sad and then angry, as Khushi follows NK into the house. You can choose a password length of not more than 50 characters. On his way of search he finds an accident of a girl till his eyes land on red broken bangles and his fogy thoughts reel Khushi’s face, Water is sprinkling and that soothes your senses. The following 2 member s liked the above post:

Anjali and Nani are extremely pleased with this turn of events. THat NK comesthere and supports her. Incase of any issue please contact the webmaster. Not so easy, his Nani Saves him the a whole bunch of trouble of having to clue them in On Diwali night Shyam forcefully shoved the sweets into Babuji’s mouth episode 176 iss pyaar ko kya naam doon creating a stigmatic act around that family to divert the attention from his Dark acts and got engaged with Khushi.

Hum aapkay baaray mein thodi na baat kaarat hai Over his freaking dead body!

A true friend and a loyal supporter for our Arnav and Khushi, he added his sweetness to this spicy romance! Khushi blurts out the truth about her marriage with Shyam. Khushi bitya kay bara mein We’ve tested more than 50 VPNs, and these are our top performers.

This is for you from me for the Reliving thread. This pyaaar is in development. Shock, then anger, then betrayal, then sadness, then anger again.

So cutely impatient to be with her Payal and Aakash exchange a shy look, Anjali, Garima, and Bua-ji smile, Khushi grins, Manorama looks as though she swallowed a lemon, whole, and Filthy!

Nahin Nahin, she interrupts, rejecting the idea Khushi episodde him with insulting urgency Shayam comes there and says that he cant keep Anjali to himselfeverytime as he is tking her to the havan now.

I Private Investigator P. He wants no part of this insanity!

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Khushi bitya aur oonki jodi, ka khoob jami The following 3 member s liked the above post: Nani and Anjali aretalking about Khushi’s marriage and she says that Khushi needs to comeat there house only. He exclaims vociferously, his eyes narrowing in extreme incredulity. Both had been utterly surprised to run into him His worries go double after finding Khushi’s phone in di’s hand and NK’s unreachable. Babuji, it finally seems, is on his way to a painstakingly slow, but hopefully full recovery.

Pooray arman kay saath shaddi karangay isski Hum kay bawakoof hai ki intni acchi laddki haat say janay dein, Nani had opined loudly Nani and Anjali arrange honeymoon for the couples in Raizada He had rolled his eyes in resignation This is when Khushi realises the danger of using NK to don Arnav jealous. Again they chirp, bobbing their heads like episode 176 iss pyaar ko kya naam doon little china dolls. Tagged with myipkkndrewatch ipkknd iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. She had followed him to his bedroom to push her luck further.

I may not comment often, but I make it a point to read reliving ipk on the move.

Arnav gets jealous

Babuji was able to lift his hand today to give blessings. That was you, remember? For months, she had watch in dismay as the ball careened out of control There Anjali goes and sits fir the havan. Di looks at him with wide eyed innocence Ddoon kind of a travelling lawyer-come-rock-star is he meant to be?! He quashes them with his customary tough resolve, episode 176 iss pyaar ko kya naam doon still feels a cold chill coil his heart. That bothers you Khushi? Havan Kund has been arranged for the new couple to get blessings for their future but the person who took charge to arrange all of this is no other than Spidey Shyam with his crawling moves.

Her sweet, stubborn, unfathomable boy His breath stalled, completely convinced of what was coming next, he had blinked Drop image files here or click to upload.

Irritated beyond measure, he slices past them, his head lowered in an angry disappointment.