Lisa was also molested by her stepfather from the time she was nine until she was sixteen and she carried that pain with her everyday for the duration of her life. And I suppose Lisa and David will come back eventually. T he last review I did was on Episode 3 , that very deep discussion on Forgiveness and Grief. We never see the dinner scene, but we do see her at his place. Followed by a brief lecture on MJ needing a man to care for her, similar to when Helen was telling her she was trying to push her towards David because she didn’t want MJ to end up alone. But the network isn’t the only one coming for MJ.

The popular scripted series picked up where it left off during the season 2 finale as news anchor Mary Jane Paul Gabrielle Union , is in a horrible car accident sparked by the astounding butt dial of her former flame, David Paulk Stephen Bishop. Later in the evening, PJ comes by to talk to MJ, and they have a conversation about men born with silver spoons in their mouths, and how they can love a difficult woman but don’t know how to fight for them. Teyana Taylor Tweets Naked Shots After learning that Paul and Helen plan to divorce, the Paterson family struggles to cope with the imminent changes; Mary Jane later learns that her actions were a result from her mother’s actions. Greg tells her he’s not perfect with race, but he’s not a racist. The conclusion being, MJ loves Lisa and hope she finds what she needs, but whatever she needs MJ doesn’t have it. While she suspected there was another woman she didn’t suspect hubby was stealing money from her. Retrieved July 27,


While Mary Jane was working through her grief jans lots of coitus to the point of chaffing with her very handsome but young sidepiece. Meanwhile, Niecy is still not here for her father stepping it up as a father by taking on the job his father got for him.

Mary Jane and Justin put aside their differences and team up catch a good story. The episode ends with MJ relaxing with her feet in the pool and her own rendition of Brandon’s grandfather’s recipe for peace.

To even the score, Mary Jane decides to go out on a date with a man she met online. Mara Brock Akil addresses policy brutality story line – EW.

They being mary jane season 3 episode 2 synopsis back on setting an exact time frame for MJ’s return, despite her doctors saying she could be back in 3 weeks.

We never see the dinner scene, mady we do see her at his place. Being Mary Jane has received positive reviews from critics, [4] [5] and the series premiere on BET had more than 4 million viewers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This week we get our answer. Retrieved July 27, On her first day back the teleprompter stops working and she has to freestyle it! Retrieved August 30, The affair between Mary Jane and Andre develops a strain on his marriage.

The pilot episode was filmed in April at N. Fox Over 50 Cent.

Black Media Review Collective: Being Mary Jane Season 3, Episode 5 (“Hot Seat”) Recap

CeCe puts her on a payment plan! Retrieved April 20, Mary Jane and Andre argue over whether Mary Jane is still involved with David or not, once Andre reveals a picture of the two together.

Phaedra Parks Shades Vivica A. Meanwhile, Celia, or CeCe played by Loretta Devinewho was the driver in the other car, is stuck in pain on a bed in the hallway, apparently because she being mary jane season 3 episode 2 synopsis not have insurance.

The conflict Kara has with her Latin identity, is something many women of color experience, as we work ourselves up from nothing. So when the press circles around her as they are walking out of the building she lies and says she will be back on the air that coming Monday!! The conclusion being, MJ loves Lisa and hope she finds what she needs, but whatever she needs MJ doesn’t have it.

And it started right where being mary jane season 3 episode 2 synopsis left off. But alas, he also tells her she will be back on the air on Monday. Retrieved July 19, Well she suggested the two of them catch up over dinner before she leaves. Being Mary Jane is back!

Episode 2 – “Louie Louie”. But I would have done it too, way before actually paying her out the money. Elsewhere, Neicy’s neverending rift with Patrick continues, so she calls her mother Jill Scott.

They even have footage of her drinking tequila in her office on a routine basis and point out the moral turpitude clause in their contract with MJ. But then the next time we see her on uane episode she’s just telling Niecy bye and saying she will do a better job of returning phone calls. Retrieved July being mary jane season 3 episode 2 synopsis, Mary Jane was found to have had alcohol in her system during the accident and her employer meets with C.

When it comes to love, Mary Jane Paul wants perfection.

5 Things Revealed During Being Mary Jane Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2 [RECAP + Watch Full Video]

Even in my disdain for Niecy, she is the perfect and oft-overlooked victim. Salli RichardsonGary Dourdan. Revelations during their visit force Mark to make a change. The two veto options and land on a bold, matte-pink number. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.