After the two break up, Gavin arrives at the prom and Ally kindly breaks up with him, saying they’re not right for each other. She accepts, but changes her mind when she believes Austin has a crush on Ally. Later, Austin and Ally schedule a trip to Ecuador after finding out that Lily’s father would be there. Trish receives a call confirming that Austin will perform for the president of the United States. Trish informs Coach Simmons about the problem and nicely tells Margo to stop. Ally talks to Austin and comforts him and tells him that she lost her stage fright only when Austin was with her. Austin and Ally make a bet with each other over her ability to teach Shelby to play the violin. In the end, Austin doesn’t have to perform live after a bear shows up at the campsite.

Disliking the group, Ally tries to quit, but her manager, Val, won’t let her. After getting advice from her mother, Penny, over video-chat, she decides to tell her. Ally, Trish, and Dez run into the library to tell Austin who is eating pancakes the librarian made him. She is amazed and happy when she gains 5, followers after she posts a picture of her “spider soup” while eating at Ms. Trish gets booed at all of her performances and is very sad that she has nobody. Ally struggles to teach an influx of music students all about how to play musical instruments, singing, and dancing.

Austin & Ally – S 1 E 17 – Everglades & Allygators – Video Dailymotion

The group is led back to the library when allj notice Ally’s missing. Archived from the original on October 10, Austin comes clean and tells the president the truth, who is moved by his honesty and pardons him. Trent quickly rises to fame and starts stealing Austin’s life.

Retrieved December 12, Meanwhile, Carrie has to go back austin and ally season 2 episode 17 full episode L. However, after Dez interacts with Santa, he becomes the head elf, but he lets the power go to his head, causing Trish and his assistants to throw things at him later in order to bring him down. Ally is invited to a fashion show, where she will be wearing the Jub Jub bird coat.

Afterward, the group does fuull sightseeing at a Smithsonian Museum. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez 1 out to hunt for a legendary alligator”Big Mama”. She is later caught by Ally crying while reading hate comments about her. After Austin and Trish episodee to a austin and ally season 2 episode 17 full episode, they announce that Spike Stevens wants Austin to be in his movie and for Ally to write the movie’s song.

While in the shop they get locked in the freezer, so Austin calls Dez to save them. When he turns out to be a horrible employee, she hesitates in firing him, fearing it might ruin her chances of him liking her.

Because of this, people are starting to think that Austin is the dog food guy since he looks a lot like the dog food guy in the dog food commercial. The last scene shows Ally playing the piano in Ronnie’s studio while looking at the card that Austin gave her and Austin playing to the same song on guitar on the tour bus. Trish later tells Ally that austin and ally season 2 episode 17 full episode is going to drop out of school.

When Ally’s old summer austni friend, Elliot, comes to Miami to visit, he epiwode Ally spend a lot of time catching up and reminiscing about the past.

In the end, Austin wins the dance-off and Trish gets a new boyfriend. Ally spins a chore wheel so everyone has something to do while the health inspector is in town. Everyone’s friendship is tested as Allh, Trish, and Dez all compete to win the coveted guest ticket.

Austin and Ally Season 1 Episode 17 Everglades Allygators

The librarian suggests that Trish and Dez search the school while Austin and her stay in the library. In the end, Billie and Bobbie apologize for their actions. As Ally and Trish travel to the class, the cake falls apart.

The group waits overnight to get the new myTAB, so Ally brings her pet cockatiel, Owen, to keep everyone company in line. They decide to trap all the suspects in the same room until someone breaks.

Austin and Ally Season 2 Episode 17 – Tracks and Troubles – Full Episode – Video Dailymotion

Trish hires Benny to replace Rupert in the band. Ally and Trish tell Bobbie that Austin and ally season 2 episode 17 full episode said he is the star of the show. At Austin’s Seattle concert, Austin finally arrives to see Ally and hugs her. Later, Austin and Ally schedule a trip to Ecuador after finding out that Lily’s father would be there.

Austin chooses to use a futuristic instrument to write the song, but Ally believes they should write it episore old-fashioned way. They head to the library where the librarian says she saw the thief wearing a white disco suit and a blonde Afro. Cupid, who is actually Dez.

Austin and Ally later make up in the life skills class by kissing each other. She stole Ally’s songbook to get Seeason back. Depending on which of the two loses the bet, Ally ausyin give Austin a five-foot wide pancake and Austin will give Ally a token with a sun and moon on it.

Austin asks Piper to go to prom and Gavin asks Ally to go to prom with him, but she says no. Austin feels left alone and has a dream where he and Ally are married with fulll. Trish and Dez come up with an idea so the two could forgive each other. Use mdy dates from July However, a mess in the toy factory makes Austin have long hair and behave like a baby doll, so Ally and Trish need to stop Austin from giving out austin and ally season 2 episode 17 full episode dolls.

However, it turns out to be a misunderstanding—Ally had actually been planning to tell Elliot that she couldn’t be with him because they had nothing to fyll about other than summer camp. Pamala Tyson as Srason Claire. Dez enters a short story contest; to help him win, he purchases an antique typewriter that just happens to be magic.

Austin then accidentally opens Owen’s cage, which causes him to fly out. Austin feels obligated to take a job at his parents’ mattress store when his parents offer him a job. When Ally’s book gets covered in gum, Austin and ally season 2 episode 17 full episode puts the book into her cart to freeze the gum so they can scrape it off.