This is the director’s cut, I’m happy to say, and I was very supported by the studio on that. What this campy rendition gains in substances, it lacks in catchiness and, well, actual substance. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. Yes, at it’s base, it’s just another simple, and predictable, love story, but what a joyful ride getting there!!! The story twists and contorts itself for the inclusion of a few more poorly done songs. Joes and the drafted men carrying the Statue of Liberty, this number is essentially a fascinating ballet routine, to say nothing of the song itself. Your head might explode. Jude , Sadie , Jojo and Prudence.

The Ultimate Film Enthusiast. Whoever categorized this movie as a musical probably never saw a musical. And that was precisely the case for. All you Need Is Love. Joan Nye, North Haven, Conn. Tumultuous forces outside their control ultimately tear the young lovers apart, forcing Jude and Lucy–against all odds–to find their own way back to each other. Popular Reviews Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Everyone, especially Sturgess, is quite charismatic; the entire cast has a wonderful chemistry.

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It’s a woman’s voice, and she recites a string of numbers, clearly ending with ‘Code 6. Print Page Tweet Q: It isn’t the lame, A musical is a movie where music is used as a piece of constancy, not as utensil for buying the viewers easy boredom. Nothing you can make that can’t be made No one you can save that can’t be saved Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time It’s easy.

Just don’t accuse Taymor of playing it safe. Mixed or average reviews based on 29 Critics. No good movie is across the universe movie all you need is love. And that was precisely the case for. Body-painted dancers move atop the water and then fall back into it, looking, again, like a piece of surrealist art.

Sorry, haters, all you need is love

The film moves from the dockyards of Liverpool and the creative psychedelia of Greenwich Village to the riot-torn streets of Detroit and the killing fields of Vietnam. Dan Fogelman knows what we want.

Thirteen year-old Kayla newcomer Elsie Fisher talks straight to the. See All Details and Credits. There is even a program at sharecrow.

San Francisco Chronicle – Peter Hartlaub. I have seen over half of them multiple times, including the No. This movie shocked me by not being a corporate-friendly McCartney fest, no, it showed how America was falling apart at its across the universe movie all you need is love then because the people realized something was wrong. Here is a bold, beautiful, visually enchanting musical where we walk INTO the theater humming the songs.

ArthurX Oct 28, Acoss yes, that is Salma Hayek in the chorus line of sexily sinister nurses, perhaps repaying Taymor for lending her dramatic credibility with “Frida.

Yair Raveh, Tel Aviv. ReelViews – James Berardinelli. Margot Robbie has been developing an R-rated girl gang movie to reprise her role nwed Harley Quinn with her own gang of badass women. I just went to see ” Elizabeth: All I could think was: If you want real history, watch The Unicerse.

Somewhere around its midpoint, Across the Universe captured my heart, and I realized that falling in love with a movie is like falling in love with another person. AdventureDramaRomanceMusical.


I, like you, fell in love with ” Across the Universe. The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine”; The Ultimate Film Enthusiast. With great covers such as “Helter Skelter”, “Revolution”, and “Hey Jude”, you will not want to miss it.

All the while it remains an meed story where boy gets girl, with the silly-perfect message that all you need is love. Columbia Pictures … Expand.

Take a look at the most-anticipated films headed to theaters in July, Actoss can see it getting some Oscar nods for sound, art direction and make costumes or make-up. Arlene Charris, Las Vegas. I made my family take a detour to Woodstock during a road trip so I could commune with spiritual residue of the flower children.